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Che Lingo featured on the Fifa soundtrack for the second year in a row

South London artist Che Lingo‘s latest release ‘Eyes on The Prize’ featuring Nigerian-born Tamaraebi is the ultimate hype tune inspired by the intense excitement around the UEFA 2020 Euros and England’s potential to bring it home for the finals.

Che Lingo (source: Instagram)

The catchy chorus is vocalised by the incredible Tamaraebi over an infectious beat produced by Manon Dave, Kenny Deesh, Champion Di and Flo. It’s the combined sound of distant chants, the upbeat drum pattern and the high notes that Tamaraebi is hitting that creates a beautiful soundscape. The whole production captures the ambience of a football stadium, the pure passion and fire in the belly the fans have for their team to come out on top. Applying the same feeling to your personal goals, this tune is the correct vibes when you need to hype yourself up!

Whether you’re an avid gamer or not, there’s no denying that Fifa is one of the biggest games in the world, and for the second year running, Che Lingo has been featured on the official soundtrack for FIFA 2022, this time with Eyes on The Prize!

‘My Block’, also by Che Lingo, is a single from his debut album titled The Worst Generation and was birthed by the injustices faced by Black people, and raises awareness about his friend Julian Cole who has seriously suffered from police brutality after an incident that happened in 2013. My Block also featured on the FIFA soundtrack in the 2021 edition as well as the NBA 2K21 game and so far, Che Lingo has been the only artist to have ever had the same single on both games within that same year.

Make sure to buy/stream Eyes on The Prize: https://music.apple.com/gb/album/eyes-on-the-prize

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