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Dej The Ego returns with brand NEW EP: ‘Jung’ in time for summer

Dej The Ego returns to the music scene with a 7 track EP titled Jung after taking a brief hiatus from releasing music projects, and featuring in countless viral moments with the web animated series Pass The Meerkat (a podcast where you’re essentially a fly on a wall whilst you listen to a group of nine Black/Asian male friends share funny stories about life, women, and typical lad chat). ‘Jungle Book’ is the first song on the Jung EP and opens with a very fitting and steady safari-type beat which truly sets the vibe for the consistent Afro-Swing theme throughout the story-telling project.

Amongst the collection of shiny new tracks, Jung features a surprise which is the single Rooster featuring Rebecca Winter that was originally released last year April (2020) and seamlessly slots into the project.

My top 3 from the EP are (in not particular order): Cupid’s Song, Jungle Book, and Shrink Story.

Make sure to check out Dej’s new project Jung featuring, Rebecca Winter, Loco X Eazzy, HouseKnot, and Otilefty with two songs produced by Mike Brainchild and Happi Music. Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter: @SICKAVISION.

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