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4 Black women to celebrate this International Women’s Day

Lydia Dinga sitting on kitchen counter

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women and our achievements. This year, we wanted to shine a spotlight on four Black women in particular who have inspired us in some way, despite the difficulty that 2020 has brought and the impact that COVID has made on many of our lives, the general morale and motivation. Check out these amazing women below!

Lydia Dinga – Content Creator and Influencer

Content Creator and YouTuber Lydia Dinga recently purchased a house with an impressive £70k cash deposit! Since the move and with this house being a “fixer-upper”, Lydia has documented the entire renovation process including prices over on her Instagram pages @LydiaDinga and @LydiaDingaHome. We love how transparent is being when it comes to money and seeing the regular updates makes us feel like we’re on the journey with her. Lydia is working with the likes of Black professionals such as Aurelie Shiama, an exceptional Interior Designer and Tyron Williams, owner of the Home Improvement service, making this an event more simply luxurious and beautiful transformation.

Liz – Founder of East&Sussex and Puds & Co

There’s something special about seeing a start-up company grow. From from the launch day, to viewing their behind the scenes campaign content, to becoming a fully fledged brand with a real life dedicated customer base, it’s a very rewarding experience. Liz has created East&Essex, which is a women’s loungewear brand for homebodies, where staying in has never looked so good!

Irene Moore – Brand Strategist & founder of Digital Marketing London agency

When it comes to digital marketing, Irene is your woman. Host of Savvy Start Up Club Podcast and Founder of DM London agency, Irene helps product businesses up-level their marketing and builds epic brands, no matter their level. You’ll most often find Irene speaking as a guest on a webinar, mentoring business owners, celebrating client wins or filming for her YouTube channel. Whatever the occasion, Irene will no doubt bring her expertise and sunny energy whatever the occasion.

Sher – Co-Founder of Get Set Binge TV

Are you that person that can binge watch an entire series in one day? Is watching films apart of your every/weekly routine? If that’s that’s the case, Get Set Binge TV is the platform for you! Sher is the Co-Founder of the platform, home to everything there is to know about the latest goings-on with TV/Movie entertainment. Recently joining Clubhouse last year in 2020, Get Set Binge TV has since reached over 17,000 members in their Club, a place where members can host endless discussions about literally anything TV/Movie related. It’s a beautiful bonding experience that allows you to connect with complete strangers worldwide.

Make sure to check out the women in this article and follow them on their journeys to success.

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