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Black woman in video-gaming, Stephanie Ijoma (Founder of NNESAGA) now signed to Elgato

My connection with gaming and how it began

Playing video-games is a past-time/hobby that so many of us fell in love with from a really young age. I remember one of the first games I really enjoyed playing was The Sims Bustin’ Out. You could say I was truly addicted to the joy of playing a storyline and getting lost in a world so similar, yet so different to reality. I stuck by The Sims franchise through the various editions on Game Cube, Playstation, and PC and even bonded with school friends over the game, anticipating the launch of The Sims 3, the HUGE edition that gave us open worlds!! (Yes it was life changing). My question is, if so many of us play video games, why is there a lack of diversity in the industry? Both women and Black people as a whole are underrepresented and this is something that needs to change.

A gaming platform creating a safe space

Source: @sailorsteph – Twitter

Stephanie Ijoma is the founder of NNESAGA, the UK’s leading diverse and inclusive platform for gaming and entertainment, as seen on Forbes. NNESAGA work on shifting the narrative and eradicating the outdated model of the games industry.

“Gaming, Comics & Anime are the core entities for our platform and we want to ensure that we are represented to the fullest. We do this by curating events, workshops, content creating, community management and working with clients to ensure that permanent changes results to permanent solutions.”

Stephanie Ijoma, Founder of NNESAGA
Source: www.nnesaga.co.uk

Stephanie recently announced that she is now officially sponsored and exclusively signed by Elgato! This partnership will allow NNESAGA to continue the incredible work they’re doing, bringing workshops, giveaways and projects to so many more people in the community.

Make sure you follow Stephanie over on NNESAGA to keep up with the work she’s doing. The more platforms we see like this taking a stand against being underrepresented, the closer we are to seeing a different narrative portrayed as the norm.

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