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Whip your business into shape with K Squared LDN

Want to take your business to the next level? From funding schemes to workshops, there are so many opportunities out there just waiting for you to take advantage and reap the benefits.

Hair Advisor UK ladies with Conna Walker.

We were inspired by Hair Advisor UK – 2019’s winners of Conna Walker (CEO of HouseofCB)’s International Women’s Day business fund opportunity where brands founded by women have the chance to win a large cash injection. We’ve seen the Hair Advisor UK brand continue to evolve since winning the £10,000 investment and it’s amazing to see. Having the funds to get your business off the ground is a huge achievement so this year we took the leap of faith and entered the competition for the chance to expand the SICKA VISION brand.

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For those who are unfamiliar with the process, it’s very straight forward to apply. All that’s needed to be submitted via the HouseofCB website is a paragraph about yourself, your name, number, email and the most important part, your business plan document. For this, we decided to work with professional consultancy agency, K Squared LDN who offer a range of 5-star operational services to their clients, helping new businesses off the ground to ensure they have all the systems in place to thrive. K Squared LDN takes away the stress so that you can focus on the part of the business you enjoy.

The process for creating a business plan with K Squared LDN is as simple as follows:

  1. 15 minute call to find out what service is right for you (We chose a Deluxe business plan which includes both text and visual formats).
  2. Fill out an initial detailed questionnaire which takes up to 60 mins to complete and allows K Squared LDN to get familiar with the key components of your business.
  3. Receive a text/visual version draft of your business plan
  4. 30 min video call to go through your business plan and feedback
  5. Receive your final documents
  6. If opting for the premium service involving a visual format, repeat step 4-5.

See! It’s very straight forward. You’re in safe hands with K Squared LDN. Quality and client satisfaction are top of their priority.

Enquire with www.ksquared.london and find the best service for you today!

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