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Top 10 Songs of the Decade | SICKA VISION

We’re literally about to enter a new decade. It’s special and it’s exciting, so in celebration, the SICKA VISION team has compiled a list of our top 10 songs of the decade for your entertainment. Let’s begin…

  1. Che Lingo – Black Girl Magic (2017)che-lingoThis track was made to celebrate the beauty of Black Women and became a worldwide sensation, also earning recognition from American Natural Hair Influencer and icon, Shanillia. Black Girl Magic deeply resonates with Black Women due to its authenticity.

  2. Ella Mai – Boo’d Up (2017)ella-mai---bood-up-video-1530024082-view-0
    No-one can deny the huge impact Ella Mai had made in the music scene when this song came out. R&B was thriving and nobody passed up the opportunity to sing their heart out to the emotional lyrics in the clurb.

  3. A2 – Holograms (2016)A2-Blue-Exhibition-YouTube-Space-London1-1024x683To be honest we could have chosen any A2 song but there has been no other song of his from this decade that captures a particular mood and vibe like this one. The instrumental is dreamy, hypnotic and almost mystical in quality, and A2’s laid-back delivery manages to be soothing but also captivating at the same time. This was the song that made us fall in love with his music

  4. James Blake – Retrograde (2013)james-blake-assume-form-interviewJames Blake’s music, and voice is incredibly therapeutic. Retrograde is one of those songs that we genuinely believe transcend their time, place and context. Blake’s vocal delivery is flawless and the synth-heavy, peculiar instrumental swells along with Blake to a cathartic crescendo. The humming that laces the song is also a highlight.

  5. Skepta – Shutdown (2015)Screen-Shot-2015-04-27-at-09.47.19This is the quintessential grime song. We don’t even have to say too much. An absolutely monumental moment in UK music history.

  6. J Hus – Dem Boy Paigon (2015)J-Hus-ParallaxHus is a real revolutionary figure in the UK music scene. Of course he was not the first person to incorporate Afro elements into his music (Timbo springs to mind first), but he is definitely the biggest influence on the Afro-swing genre as we see it today. This was his first major hit and the rest is history as they say.

  7. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You (2017)ed-sheeran-today-show-2017-billboard-1548That infectious afrobeat inspired instrumental made this song an addictive listen. It was instantly recognisable and unavoidable. Shape of You was everywhere and Ed executed this genre excellently.

  8. Adele – Rolling in the Deep (2011)adele-e1291899036251
    We can only thank Adele for giving us the gift that is Rolling in the Deep. The musically rich song has exceptionally long and impressive high notes that you just can’t resist belting out till this day.

  9. Stormzy – Shut Up (2015)

    A song that was recorded in a local park on a phone would have been the first song many had heard from MC, Stormzy. Till this day, Shut Up gains much respect for grime lovers with the typical simple skippy instrumental.

  1. Kyla – Do You Mind (2009) – Just missed, a cheeky addition 😉
    Funky House is a genre that’s very close to our heart. It was a period of time where new dances dropped weekly and we were living for it. Over half a decade later, one of the biggest music artists of our current time, Drake, samples Do You Mind on One Dance and rebirths the feel good vibes that Funky House brought.

This was some of our top 10 tracks of the decade (2010-2019), let us know what tracks you’d add to this list? Tweet and follow us @sickavision!

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