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J Hus – Must Be Review

J Hus is back with another vintage cut assisted by long time collaborator JAE5, ‘Must Be‘. The song begins emphatically with J Hus repeating the refrain ‘you’re guilty by association’, which appropriately sets the mood for the remainder of the song.

This song, like many others in his catalogue, has several of the elements that makes Hus such a beloved figure in our scene. In a way, it’s classic J Hus; the simplistic but effective, and infectious, hook; the lackadaisical vocal delivery and cadence; and the paranoia (or perhaps suspicions) that Hus seems to have regarding his surroundings and people around him. I have always felt like the stories Hus tells us in his music seem laced with a cynicism that we rarely get elsewhere, and this is apparent in Must Be, particularly in the final verse. J Hus is not necessarily ‘lyrical’ in the conventional way that people think about lyricism but there is a vividness to his lyrics that is unique to him and his music.

But even though J Hus gives us a vigorous performance on this track, JAE5 undoubtedly steals the show with his production. I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the best instrumentals to come out of the UK, not just this year but ever. The jazzy chords and saxophone compliment Hus perfectly, and the instrumental is reminiscent of LL Cool J or even 50 Cent. The stripped-back nature of the beat gives Hus room to breathe and do his thing. The beat is like butter as they say.

I speak on behalf of the whole of the UK when I say that after hearing ‘Must Be’, I cannot wait to hear the next full length project from Hus. He rarely disappoints.

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