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RELOAD IT! Mahalia’s debut album ‘Love and Compromise’

Following the online popularity of 'Sober', which gained over 2 million views and was placed in their top five when performed on 'Colors', after much anticipation, Mahalia has released her debut album 'Love and Compromise'.

British R&B singer Mahalia has been present in the music industry from a young age, signing to the record label, Atlantic, at the age of 13 and has since then topped YouTube’s first ever ‘Ones To Watch’ list in 2018. 

Now 21, Mahalia has found a way to effortlessly explore sounds and perfect each of her 13 tracks throughout her genre blending project.

Mahalia's Love & Compromise Album Artwork
Mahalia’s Love & Compromise Album Artwork

Opening with ‘Hide Out’, singer Eartha Kitt discusses love and compromise, encompassing and hinting at the fiery spirit of both Mahalia and the album.

Karma is filled with jazz tones and complimented by Mahalia’s fierce yet smooth vocals and ‘He’s Mine‘, an upbeat fun exploration into the pop genre. 

Artists such as Burna Boy, Hamzaa and Lucky Daye feature on tracks alongside the singer, as well as R&B phenomenon Ella Mai in ‘What You Did‘, a personal favourite of mine.  

Ella Mai and Mahalia
Ella Mai and Mahalia via Instagram. Photograph: Stefan Yap DoP

Mahalia’s honeyed vocals and lyrical talent expose her listeners to experiences that have affected her, from addiction and gambling in ‘Richie‘, to self respect and womanhood in ‘Good Company‘ featuring Terrance Martin.

Mahalia’s debut is rounded up with ‘Square 1‘, which highlights how the album is a story of a relationship, following Mahalia’s highs and lows, anger and happiness. 

With beautifully fused gospel backing vocals, her journey is closed in a similar to which it was opened, with a personal spoken-word section venting her frustrations.

Listen to Love and Compromise here.


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