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Tottenham-raised singer songwriter, Miraa May kicked off the summer with her 6 track EP, 'Dark', combining her fiery and soothing vocals across pop, R&B and garage.

Miraa’s music is a combination of her London attitude, cultural surroundings and soulful influences and has attracted Award winning, producer Salaam Remi (Amy Winehouse, Nas, The Fugees) who later went on to produce her second EP, ‘N15’. 

A fierce­ly proud Mus­lim Alger­ian immi­grant, Miraa uses her skills of songwriting as a form of expression and freedom and takes inspiration from the north London streets where she grew up.

She racked up around 170k views on her raw and soulful live rendition of Drake and Jhene Aiko’s, ‘From Time’. Miraa has gone on to perform at many famous venues across the U.K., including the London Jazz Cafe, Tate Modern and Kensington Rooftop Garden.

Unlike her last EP, ‘Care Package‘, ‘Dark’ is very violent, raw and organic. Miraa herself says the EP is “very self-explana­to­ry. The EP is called ‘Dark’ and it’s a pret­ty dark EP”

Miraa May's Dark EP Artwork
Miraa May’s Dark EP Artwork

The project starts with ‘Work’ in which Miraa states that the introductory song is “not a love song”, and instead touches on gender expectations and her refusal to sexualise her music. 

‘What I Smoke presents laid back beats and a “f*ck you to the social construct that women should be seen and not heard”, according to Miraa. She celebrates her confidence and issues a warning to anyone who tries to threaten it. 

Miraa’s lyrical talent is exhibited in ‘No Shame and the freestyle, ‘Bad Behaviour’. Through the trap style in her flows and soul in her delivery, Miraa’s strength is showcased as she makes reference to her past life in poverty and experiences of abuse.

Describing herself as a Tottenham songbird, Miraa’s airy, light and hypnotic vocals dominate the love song, ‘Think That’, which is followed by the concluding, bonus track featuring BBK legend, JME. ‘Angles’ has a bouncy, garage vibe and talks about the pitfalls of social media.

jme mira
JME and Miraa May for Blatantly Blunt

The genre-blend­ing tracks of Miraa’s EP display the character behind this meaningful music. Miraa admits to cleansing herself through the production of ‘Dark’, partaking in a growth process by releasing her negative emotions through her EP, but vows to make her next EP’s lighter and more positive.

Listen to ‘Dark’ here

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