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Iconic US x UK Music Collaborations to Remember

Who doesn’t love when UK and US artist come together to create magic for the ears of their fans? We sure do! The weather is nice and summer is shining. Many of us are travelling, visiting new countries. Here are a few UK x US collaborations to have in your music library to make those long journeys a bit more bearable!

In no particular, here are some classic tunes that we thought up here at SICKA VISION…

1. Skepta ft. D Double D & A$AP Nas – Ladies Hit Squad

Cast your mind back to 2016. Skepta was big and had just released his album ‘Konnichiwa’ The first thing that most people probably would have noticed about this song was A$AP Nast’s lisp. It couldn’t be ignored and his lisp is probably one of the reasons why this Ladies Hit Squad is remembered. The song is really chill and the hook is catchy. It has a real summer vibe.

Ladies Hit Squad ends with a very dramatic voice recording which kind of shocked me if I’m honest. It also didn’t give an answer to the questions that it sparked so I think that was done to deliberately guide you into listening to the song again to see if there are lyrics that answer the questions. As you’ll continue reading his post, you’ll notice that Skepta has songs with so many of the A$AP Mob.

2. Chris Brown ft. Chip – Champion

This next song is a one of reassurance. It’s also a song that can be used to inspire. ‘Champion’ was part of Chris Brown’s album FAME and Chip is one of the few British Artists that he’s worked with. Champion is quite a big track and isn’t really a typical Chris Brown song but it’s still nonetheless a song to be remembered. Chip and Chris Brown teaming up is quite unexpected so it’s a shock that this song did as well as it did. For those out there who may be losing hope or going through difficult times, this song is a song for you.

3. Snakehips ft. Tinashe & Chance the Rapper – All My Friends

Snakehips are a British electronic duo. They’ve worked with a lot of famous artists like The Weeknd and many more. However when ‘All My Friends’ was released in 2015, they quickly gained recognition because established artists Tinashe and Chance the Rapper were also on the track. Snakehips quickly rose in the UK scene and will be remembered mostly because of this song. The song describes a club scene which is again relatable to the summer lifestyle that some people will be living. Going out and having fun – this song is must to listen to. It’s quite interesting how Snakehips picked Tinashe and Chance the Rapper. Tinashe brings the vocals and Chance brings his soulful rap game. The lyrics are relatable and this why I think this song should never be forgotten.  

4. Stefflon Don ft. French Montana – Hurtin’ Me

Stefflon Don did amazing with Hurtin’ Me! Having French Montana feature really amplified the success of the song. We’re sure Hurtin’ Me was played at every club back when it was released in 2017 as everyone loves to scream the honest and maybe relatable lyrics.

French Montana has been on the US scene for what seems forever. Pairing up with Stefflon Don definitely rose awareness for his music in the UK. Overall, Hurtin’ Me is ridiculously catchy and we think it’s probably one of most successful UK x US collaborations on this list.

5. A$AP Rocky ft. SkeptaPraise the Lord (Da Shine)

Praise the Lord (Da Shine) is probably the most famous song from A$AP Rocky’s album, ‘Testing’ The chorus is easy to learn, catchy and can make the atmosphere in a motive go from 0-100 in a matter of seconds. It’s a song you can safely get lost in and release stress. Skepta has done an amazing job by pairing up with each member of A$AP Mob because to us, all the songs are elite. A$AP Rocky and Skepta have very different sounds but when put together they surprisingly work well.

6. Skepta ft. A$AP Bari – It Ain’t Safe

Again, this is another catchy song by Skepta and a member of the A$AP Mob. This may be an unpopular opinion but It Ain’t Safe could actually be a mosh pit song. The lyrics are easy to remember and you can definitely sing along to this song in the car.

7. Ed Sheeran (with Beyoncé) – Perfect Duet

This is a song to sing. Karaoke nights? Make sure you pull up this tune.

Perfect Duet is a sweet track simply because Beyoncé and Ed can both sing and both their raw vocals are really highlighted here. Everyone can appreciate tight harmonies and smooth vocals so when Ed and Beyoncé start to harmonise, it sends chills down my back. Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran are in Perfect Harmony and this can appreciated 100%.

8. Stormzy ft. Kehlani & Lily Allen – Cigarettes & Cush-

Cigarettes & Cush is a favourite from Stormzy’s album Gang Signs and Prayer. Stormzy is so versatile with his features. Some may not have expected Kehlani to feature as her music style is slow and soulful. Her voice is indisputable. Her voice is soft and the kind that you can listen to during down time. So for those summer naps on the way to airports or even in your bed, make sure this is in your library guys.

Lily Allen on the other hand may not have been such a shock because she’s a mainstream British Artist. However, when I didn’t hear a verse from her I was a bit confused. Then I realised, she was the second voice with Stormzy in the hook!

9. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie – Check [Remix] ft. Kojo Funds & Raye

The remix of Check captures everyone’s voices as a whole and they all blend in together. Of course hearing A Boogie’s voice may come as a shock because he has one of those voices that it’s either you like it or you hate it but once you get used to it, it’s all good. They’re a group of very different voices but they do work.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully listen to the songs that you don’t know. Hopefully this post has encouraged you to add some additions to your library and get you thinking about updating playlists or even creating a new ones!

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