10 New UK Tracks You Need In Your Library!

So finally we’ve been blessed with the summer bangers we truly deserve as the hot sun’s come out to play! Have you been able to keep up with the heat? Fear not because we’ve compiled a list of 10 new UK tracks you just absolutely need in your music library (you can thank us later)… Let’s get into it!

1. Che Lingo – Black Girl Magic ft. OSHUN [REMIX]

The original version of Che Lingo’s ‘Black Girl Magic‘ celebrated black women in a way that was so special, it took and still is taking over the internet. Black Girl Magic uplifts melanated womxn all over the globe. Expect nothing less from the remix, featuring OSHUN. “I 4C your future” is an example of Che’s clever wordplay throughout, making the Black Girl Magic Remix one of our top 10 new tracks from the UK that you just NEED in your library.

Listen here: Black Girl Magic ft. OSHUN [Remix]

2. Stormzy – Crown

We are loving the different sides of artistry that Stormzy shares with us. Delicate vocals welcome us into the new track rightfully titled ‘Crown’. Politically aware subject matters breathe through ‘Crown’ as Stormzy touches on the scholarships he offered to young black kids which was hatefully and wrongfully described as ‘racist’. Crown has set a strong tone for the content in Stormzy’s upcoming album and has definitely earned its place as one of our new UK tracks for your library.

Listen here: Stormzy – Crown

3. Dej The Ego – Rapunzel

Dej seriously came with the drip in his newest summer single ‘Rapunzel’. Relatable and witty, this track will set you up for the good vibes at pre-drinks, the motive and even the after party. Check out the music video below to see the inspiration taken from the classic Usher – U Don’t Have To Call.

Listen here: Dej The Ego – Rapunzel

4. Chip ft One Acen – Your Story

Could you name a better duo? Chip’s latest track ‘Your story ft. One Acen makes so much sense! We can already hear ‘Your Story’ taking over day parties all summer so if you need new UK music, look no further.

Listen here: Chip ft. One Acen – Your Story

5. Shaé Universe – Meant To Be

Angelic atmospheric vocals from Shaé Universe set the tone for the perfect Saturday summer morning where blasting music from your speakers is top of your to-do! Sing-a-long to your heart’s content with this easy-going love song about what was and was not meant to be.

Listen here: Shaé Universe – Meant To Be

6. Cheryll – Part Time

One of Cheryll’s special talents is creating music that feels as though it’s come straight out of a 90’s R&B collection. Her newest hit ‘Part Time’ is no different. We’re so excited to hear more from Cheryll!

Listen here: Cheryll – Part Time

7. Souls – Power

Who doesn’t love a bit of trap music to get you hype? Even better when the lyrics celebrate melanin magic. Souls gives the people what they want in his latest hit ‘Power’.

Listen here: Souls – Power

8. MoStack – Rock With You

If you listen carefully, you’ll spot playful and cheeky lyrics from the don that is MoStack but we love him regardless. ‘Rock With You’ captures the how a lot of the mandem feel towards their bae or someone they’re feeling. We thought it was a hot girl/boy summer but with tunes like this, who knows!

Listen here: MoStack – Rock With You

9. Kojey Radical – Can’t Go Back

Kojey Radical has such a distinctive voice and is truly a UK treasure. One listen of ‘Can’t Go Back’ will have you hooked instantly. The instrumental elements in this track are so raw, we can only imagine how eclectic a live performance would be. Watch the mesmerizing music video below:

Listen here: Kojey Radical – Can’t Go Back

10. GoldLink ft. Haile from WSTRN – Yard

GoldLink is an artist from the US, however our Haile from WSTRN is representing the UK with his feature on ‘Yard’ from GoldLink’s newest album ‘Diaspora’. We can definitely vision hearing this track blasting through the sound-systems at Nottinghill Carnival this year.

Listen here: GoldLink ft. Haile from WSTRN

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