Why We’re Loving ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ by Skepta [Album Review]

Ignorance is bliss. As many people may know… Skepta is my favourite rapper. Like ever. I’ve always found his music very relatable, I don’t know if it’s the whole British/Nigerian thing or what but I just always have. I find myself equating his albums to certain periods in my life.

I can honestly say listening to Konnichiwa in 2016 got me through exam season during my first year at uni. The song really powered and hyped me up, I remember I was so gassed. Whilst listening to the album (with headphones in) I had been using my blow dryer (can’t even remember what for) and gone out and left the hairdryer on. On the highest wind. Also on the highest temperature. I remember coming back to my flat & thinking “oh shit!!! How have I managed this??!” Imagine if I’d burned my flat down all because I was listening to Skepta lol. Blacklisted got me through my second year of university. It didn’t quite make me do anything as dumb as forget the hairdryer on and almost burn my flat down but it got me through a weird place I was in for sure. Vicious is another project I remember rinsing during my placement year.

Though it’s been 3 years since Konnichiwa was released, Skepta has been featured on A LOT of music in between 2016 and now. These features have included, ‘Back from the Dead’ ‘Praise the Lord’, ‘Lean 4 Real’, ‘Meant to Be’, and ‘Money Right’ just to name a few. Skepta even made an appearance on Drake’s ‘More Life’ project with the song ‘Skepta Interlude’ (the best song on the mixtape, argue with someone else about this).

I think my favourite thing about Skepta is he’s very honest, unapologetic and human. I got the chance to meet Skepta during a Christmas in Nigeria in 2017. My sisters and I had been to a homecoming event he had and then a few days later he had a meet & greet and my heart was in my mouth. I was nervous as hell because I never know what to say when I meet people in general and I’m awkwardly and painfully shy. Despite the nerves he was super cool to my sisters & I, making conversation & taking pictures with us. He even joked around with my sister who had proceeded to cuss him & his friend Dex for being late to the M&G even though they were selling merchandise which said “Lateness is not greatness”. 

Anyways, back to Ignorance is Bliss! There are a range of emotions and vibes on this album, the album is actually like a playlist there is literally something for everyone. This album has me reflecting, in my feelings and overly gassed. I really want to say this is my favourite album by Skepta. You can definitely take a lot away from this album. I don’t even know him like that or anything but I am really happy for him, his success and genuinely wish him all the best. Here are my thoughts on the tracks on the album:

  1. Bullet From A Gun. It’s very reflective as are all of the 1st tracks on any Skepta album. The other day I truly deeped when he said “Have I got a heart? Yeah of course. But I had to put my feelings on pause” 
  2. Greaze Mode (feat Nafe Smallz). I downloaded a bunch of Nafe Smallz songs after listening to this track. I know this song nearly word for word. Also the video is amazing, Skepta looks so good in a wig. 
  3. Redrum (feat Key). The oriental vibes in this song are very serious. If I hear this song in a rave I’m going to need everyone to stay away from me because I’m going to be a mess haha. Every time I hear this song I start doing the “shoot” dance. “I’ll slap it like what? Slap it like who???” I discovered Key last year when Skepta was featured on his 777 EP on a track called ‘Hater’.
  4. No Sleep. This iPhone alarm in this makes my heart race lol. It’s the weirdest thing ever but the song is a banger regardless. 
  5. What Do You Mean? (Feat J Hus). From when I saw J Hus on the track list I knew the song wouldn’t disappoint. J Hus is another one of my favourite artists ever. Like how could you not love J Hus? I will not even accept any J Hus slander. I’m getting serious 50 cent vibes from this track. Skepta X J Hus = flames 
  6. Going Through It. The title is literally what the song is about. Skepta is not only going through it and but he has resolution too. “Man, I’ve been going through it, tryna make them see the vision. Tried to explain myself, that was the worst decision”. This song is very honest and to the point.
  7. Same Old Story. I don’t know what it is about this song, but I’m getting ‘Blacklisted’ vibes. I hear no lies above love and relationships in this song.
  8. Love Me Not (feat. Cheb Rabi & B Live). Another song, that if I hear in a rave or just in public I’m gonna start acting like an idiot. This song is such a banger and it samples Murder On The Dance Floor by Sophie Ellis-Bextor. I’m getting serious old school garage vibes.
  9. Animal Instinct (feat Lancey Foux). Skepta X Lancey Foux is also another collaboration that can do no wrong. I’m still obsessed with “Dyed 2WICE”. Lancey is another artist I really want to win and he’s crazy good live too. Lancey is definitely my favourite thing about this track.
  10. Glow In The Dark (feat Lay-Z & Wizkid). When I first listened to this song I had to replay it because I was thinking Wizkid???? I always think he sounds very different when he sings in English, plus he’s harmonising with Lay Z
  11. You Wish. “Said you got beef with me, you wish.” I feel this song with my chest. 
  12. Gangsta (feat. Boy Better Know). I don’t know why but I’m getting Fast and Furious vibes from this song. I know this probably such a weird thing to say but it’s true (I used to watch all the Fast and Furious’ religiously when I was younger). Anything BBK is always fire. Their individual projects are sick too. There are too many stand out lyrics on this track but I think my favourite ones are “Yeah we did young and stupid, now we do grown and sexy” “Everyone knows that I’m 5ft5 but don’t come round here with your likkle man talk I’ll punch man down to my size!” “Might Popcaan cause my team unruly, bare bad mad move shy like snoochie” “You lot are looking like F1 drivers, even tryna chat like man, hate when I hate Brits misuse slang”. We need another BBK O2 takeover!!!
  13. Pure Water. Summer anthem 2018. I even went to the SK level tour in December 2018 by myself nearly died in the mosh pits when this song came on. 

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