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5 Reasons Why We Are Still Loving Stormzy – Vossi Bop

I know Stormzy has recently featured on MoStack’s new song ‘Shine Girl’ but that does not mean that we still can’t be obsessing over Vossi Bop, right? Stormzy has won multiple awards from The BET Awards for Best International Act in 2015 to winning a Brit Award for Best Male Solo Artist only last year, proving his success. However, for a while he went off the radar but he soon came back and gifted us with ‘Vossi Bop’. So here are the 5 reasons why we are STILL loving Vossi Bop.

  1. Simply because we love Stormzy

Stormzy aka Stiff Chocolate aka Bug Mike aka The Problem aka Chocolate Wicked aka Wicked Skengman is well known and massively loved, I haven’t come across someone that dislikes him, because how could you? He is generally a nice, smart and grateful guy. He has some absolute tunes and his album Gang Signs & Prayer will always be a classic. What we need in the UK Music industry is an artist who uses their platform and status to raise awareness about important issues, this is exactly what Stormzy does and this is the main reason why we just simply adore him

2. Politics, politics and more politics

As stated above, Stormzy uses his voice to express his opinion. In Vossi Bop, Stormzy expresses his political opinions on the corruptness of the government and we are here for it! The lyrics “rule number two, don’t make the promise, if you can’t keep the deal then just be honest” I first thought that Stormzy was once again calling out Theresa May, this time regarding Brexit rather than Grenfell. But, having a look on good ole website called Genius, they suggested that these lyrics are regarding The Windrush scandal as the UK government promised to help the victims that were denied legal rights and deported. Stormzy uses Vossi Bop to call out the right wing government and this is further confirmed by the lyrics two lines later “fuck the government and fuck Boris”.

3. Maya Jama appreciation

Regardless of Stormzy saying he will link your girl in the coffee shop (which he has admitted this is just showing off), there is a particular lyric in Vossi Bop that shows appreciation to our girl Maya Jama. Maya and Stormzy are well known and lovable couple and the line “lookin at my girl like ‘what a goddess’ (thank God)” made us all smile in awe (and maybe a little jealous).

4. Idris Elba appreciation

Vossi Bop also shows appreciation to the one and only Idris Elba. Not only is Idris mentioned in a lyric “when I’m James Bond, tryna live my movie like I’m Idris”, he is also featured in the video. He appears next to Stormzy dressed in an all-black suit and sunglasses looking very suave.

5. Black Excellence

We simply love the black excellence featured throughout Vossi Bop and the video. The appreciation towards our Maya and Idris has already been mentioned but we need to appreciate the black excellence of Stormzy himself. The Vossi Bop video features a prominently black cast of seventy dances, youths on bikes and people driving cars. There are a lot of young people in the video and this reflects Stormzy’s passion for youth culture. Taking information from Stormzy’s Instagram, he came across a group of boys popping wheelies etc and he then asked them if they could be in the Vossi Bop video. You can see how much fun they are having in the video and it is great to see.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why we are still loving Vossi Bop.  Thank you for reading and if you have not listen to or watched the music video, you can watch it here!

Sharnah x

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