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Stefflon Don Secure Tour @ Hammersmith Apollo London (SOLD OUT!)


I first discovered Stefflon Don in December 2016. I’m a huge Skepta fan and he had tweeted about her newly released mixtape ‘Real Ting’, at the time I thought if he’s cosigning her? I am there! So from then I listened to the mixtape and was sold. I listened to every track, watched every music video and downloaded every feature she was on. Steff is unapologetic, feisty and versatile – she’s also controversial, but that’s a discussion for another day, back to the music. I’ve seen Stefflon Don live a few times and listened to her music over the last few years to see how quickly she’s come up in the music scene and it’s amazing to see. It’s nice to see a woman like herself in the UK rap music scene as it is such a male dominated industry. 

Secure: Personally I was extremely excited for the mixtape when she released it last summer. Stefflon Don had released the single ‘Senseless’ which is my favourite song on the mixtape, I literally listen to it every single day till this day. When ‘Secure’ was finally released, I’m not going to lie I wasn’t completely sold when I first listened to it. I had to quite a few times before I truly got into the track. I even asked my friend who is also a massive Stefflon Don fan what she thought and like me, she felt the same. My friend even commented that Steff sounded “too Americanized”.

A few weeks later, my friend and I are talking about the mixtape ‘Secure’ is a bop “I can’t wait to see Steff on tour”. I really do love the whole mixtape. ‘Lil Bitch’ is short, sweet and straight to the point, sis came straight for our necks. ‘Interlude’ has little message that everyone can relate to. ‘What You Want’ features Future, I don’t think sis needed him on the track at ALL it’s still a banger though. ‘Pretty Girl’ features Tiggs Da Author, love this song such a vibe. ‘Uber’ features Ebenezer and is a song I loved from when I first heard it. ‘Both Ways’ features Fekky, it’s promiscuous and unapologetic af. ‘Hurtin Me’ the remix features Sean Paul, Popcaan and Sizzla I really like the remix but I slyly wish she had put the original version of the song on the album, I still love it though. ‘Win’ features DJ Khaled, I was surprised by this collaboration in a good way. I didn’t expect it to sound how it does at all as I thought it would be super hip hoppy. ‘Free Drip Tony Montana (Online)’ this diss track? Steff did not have to snatch off my wig like this but okay. I literally know this song word for word. 

Secure Tour @ Hammersmith Apollo London (Sold out!) 19th April 2019.

Source: Stefflon Don’s Instagram

My friend (that I previously mentioned) and got seated tickets at the Secure Tour because we’ve seen Steff whilst standing previously and also felt now we want to be part of what my friend calls “the grown and sexy crowd” sitting. My friend mentions that Lil Kim may be coming out and I was thinking “huh??? Lil Kim?!” – the Secure album cover is a tribute to Lil Kim’s ‘The Notorious K.I.M’ album and earlier that day, Steff had posted the albums side by side on Instagram with a post shouting out Lil Kim and calling her the Real Queen. This had me thinking that maybe Lil Kim will come out but I didn’t even want to gass myself up too much. DID LIL KIM NOT COME OUT?!?!? Me? I was in shock and gassed. It was truly a memory I will never forget. Me, in the same room as Lil Kim? My head was spun. ICONIC. As well as that, Steff brought out Chip, Haile, Angel, Tiggs Da Author and Kojo Funds. Opening acts were Russ and Rudimental (unfortunately I didn’t get to see Russ or Rudimental perform). Steff even gave us a full performance of another song she had previewed on Instagram called “Don Walk” which I am excited to hear the full studio version of. The Wobble challenge was lit as always, I can’t believe a guy won he really came for everyone’s wigs. The guy was really brukking it down. Steff also brought loads of girls from the crowd on stage to recreate the ‘Real Ting’ video. The choreography, dancers, visuals and outfits were fire and the show was amazing, I danced, shouted and laughed. I really want Stefflon Don to win in life.

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