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Top 10 Music Artists to Watch in 2019

As we are in the first quarter of 2019, we have carefully compiled a list of our top 10 music artists to watch this year. Have a read and let us know what you think!


R&B and Neo soul artist Ada makes you feel enriched & empowered with her sensual melodies. In 2018 Ada dropped her debut project ‘A Dreamer’s Addiction’, giving us a clear introduction to her artistry!

Dej The Ego

Dej The Ego – Recess performance on Afro Music Hub. Source: YouTube

Smart and witty wordplay is what you can expect from Dej The Ego as he brings his unique style to the Afro-Swing genre in his latest EP: Swing 2. Inspired by London’s hottest parties such as #Recess & #DLT, who knows what stories he’ll tell next? All we know is, we are all ears!


Prepare for positive and honest conversations with CRS as he opens your mind to his world and a different perspective in his storytelling music. CRS’ non-invasive flow makes for easy listening; you’ll find him great for your morning playlist to ease you into the day.

Che Lingo

Che Lingo – Circles [Official Music Video]

Mr Lingo is a force to be reckoned with. In his latest EP ‘#Sensitive’, the topic of love & being present with your emotions is a strong thread throughout – definitely a side we don’t often see from male rappers. We are thoroughly looking forward to embracing more dimensions of Lingo this year!


Energetic on the beat, Alika is a serious queen, especially when she steps on the mic. Teamed up with none other than Ms Banks on Cliq’s club banger, ‘Anything I Do’ – the pair make a fun and confident duo. Excited to hear what else Alika is cooking up in 2019.

Ricardo Williams

Feel good hits like ‘He Aint Me’ and ‘Come Over’ remind even the non-believer what we love about UK R&B. Listening to Ricardo is truly a breath of fresh air and in the words of the man himself, RnB didn’t die.

Weyland Mckenzie

Poetic with his wordplay, Weyland Mckenzie’s intricate ethereal-esque rap style highlights the depth in his narratives. Start with the hit single ‘TDM’ off the debut EP, ‘Northeast’ & delve into the mind of the Stoke Newington musician.


Fusing Nigerian and UK sounds comes effortlessly to AdeJosh. He has created bangers such as ‘FYPM’ and ‘Feel Alright’ that deserve an instant wheel up! If you wanna set the vibe for a hang out with friends or impress the crew when you’ve got the aux, play some of Adejosh’s music and don’t look back. Ever.


Slick with his flow and confident in his rhyming, RCH is what UK Hip-Hop is all about. Rap along to tracks like ‘The Chase’ and Coffee Bean Freestyle, don’t miss out on this treasure.


If you haven’t already heard about Cheryll, you will now! This singer has our attention with bops like ‘Calling You’ and ‘Need You’, you can bet you’ll find yourself singing along to a new anthem in no time.

Join us in December where we revisit these gems to update you on how their year went and why we were right!

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